What pairs well with business? Health.
Circl turns collective financial data normally reserved for the big guys into useful insights, so you can track, compare, and make great decisions for your small business quickly. And it’s free!
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Financial Wellness
Sync your business accounts to track your Health Score and Reports.
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Access capital, market your business and use business intelligence to scale up.
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Explore articles that make growing a small business clearer and exciting.
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What is Circl?
Advanced data science.
Our advanced data science maps and monitors your business’sperformance to give a complete picture of financial health, including key trends.
Digital workspace.
Access a free Health Score, financial summary, and competitive benchmarking from our intuitively organized smart dashboard.
Virtual assistant.
Champion your business with a personalized, virtual assistant that sends helpful reminders and finds actionable advice related to your questions.
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Always a smart move
Use business intelligence to make educated decisions more easily and quickly with resources and knowledge catered to small business owners.
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Hello, business fitness.
Find all the essentials in one place to keep your business in top shape. Simply track, compare, and promote your business. Quickly connect with business leaders and collect sharp insights.
Circl automates, modernizes, and centralizes all business functions to save you time and money.
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Ready to grow? Take the next step.
Power up your business by learning how and when to best access capital and increase revenue. No personal credit check. No personal collateral.
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Business health is free and easy.
Start enjoying daily health score updates and benchmarking insights.
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