Four Ways Circl Makes Running Your Business Easier

It’s almost impossible to overstate the difficulty of launching and maintaining a successful small- or medium-size business. And as helpful as technology can be, it can also make daily processes more confusing or cumbersome, especially if you are accustomed to managing your business IRL -- that means ‘in real life’.

At Circl, we’re committed to not only helping you make your business successful, but also to streamlining that process, eliminating unnecessary difficulties in order to save you precious time, money, and energy.

Here are four ways Circl can make running your business easier:

Quantified = Simplified

Circl simplifies mountains of data into a single Business Health Score you can understand at a glance. Use it to quickly and easily compare today’s score to last week’s, last month’s, or against other SMBs in your industry or region.

A sudden or significant change in your Business Health Score could indicate the need to dive deeper into your business’s finances and potentially make changes (or even a few phone calls to clarify what’s occurring). And if your numbers are high and stable, you can feel confident taking the time to focus on other aspects of your business or life outside of your (all-)day job.

Save Time (and Money)

Our smart dashboard keeps your business’s portfolio beautifully organized in a single workspace that’s always right at your fingertips. Access the information you need instantly, without having to visit multiple sites or perform complex formulas and financial analyses on your own. Remember, time is money, and our organized smart dashboard is here to save you both.

Freedom to Bank Wherever

We believe SMBs should have the freedom to decide which bank is best for them, so we’ve designed Circl to work with any financial institution, as long as it’s in the U.S.

Built-in Professional Community

Circl grew out of the pains of the COVID Loan Tracker community, a group of 50,000+ small- and medium-size business owners offering their experiences and support to fellow entrepreneurs. We are proud to be an integral part of this growing community and hope you’ll join us on your new venture to build a platform and tools that make running a healthy business simple.

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