The Big Picture - A Financial Checkup for Your Business

A common question we receive at Circl is why a business would need (yet another) financial tool. As small business owners ourselves -- with experience navigating the myriad bookkeeping, payroll, and tax services available -- we understand just how complicated and overwhelming it can feel at times.

So, what’s great about Circl, and why should you use it?

Circl is designed to complement, enhance, and simplify the financial services you already use. Unlike financial accounting software, which keeps track of your day-to-day transactions, Circl provides a big-picture look at your business’s financial wellness.

Think of it as a health checkup -- for business.

Similar to getting a physical at your doctor’s office or tracking your health via a fitness watch, Circl gathers all the bits of financial information, assembles that data in meaningful ways, and creates expert, easily understandable reports of how your business is doing. We call this your Business Health Score, and it is so useful.

What’s a Business Health Score?

The Business Health Score is a number (0-XXX) that quantifies your business’s performance, so you can understand how well it is doing at a glance. Use it to quickly compare today’s number to last week’s, last month’s, or against other SMBs in your industry or area, and make adjustments to your goals or game plan as necessary.

Just as maintaining good physical and mental health leads to a longer, healthier life, your business’s health is crucial to its long-term success. To sign up for your free Business Health Score and get started on your path to financial wellness, join Circl today.

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