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Keep up with your business wellness and scale it with more working capital in one place. We’ve partnered with a top A+-rated, BBB Accredited lender to provide financing up to $75,000 for expanding small businesses.
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Circl Lending
Our mission is to connect small businesses of all sizes, in any industry, across all 50 states with easily accessible collateral-free financing.
Circl Lending uses advanced data elements to enhance underwriting, with final decisions made quickly—usually within a few hours. Upon application, your Circl account is automatically generated to ensure smooth monitoring of your financials.
Any U.S.-based small business having a satisfactory cash flow to cover automated daily, weekly, or monthly repayments are eligible to apply.
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Ready to grow?
Access working capital that doesn’t affect your personal credit score.
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  • No personal collateral required
  • No impact on personal credit score
  • Know exactly what you’ll pay beforehand
  • Upload documents at your convenience (off business hours)
  • A final decision within a couple of hours for faster transfer of funds
  • Automatic reminders via email and/or text track progress
  • Circl dashboard to monitor business wellness
  • Fixed Loan: fees are a fixed rate
  • Short-term: typically repayment period is 100-160 days
  • Payments: automatically withdrawn daily, weekly, or monthly via ACH
  • Factor Rates: 1.40x to 1.50x. This means, if you were going to borrow $10,000 and the factor rate was 1.40, the amount to be repaid would be $14,000 at the end of the term.
  • Origination (processing) fee: 0.5% to 1.0% depending on
  • Loan Amount: ranges from $5,000 to $75,000
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Invest in your business.
Put more strategic financing into your products and services.
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Application Process
  • Less than 15 minutes
  • Mobile-enabled online applications.
  • Securely connect bank account via Plaid or Yodlee to get qualified based on historic transactions.
  • Quick underwriter review.
  • Approval amount sent as a link with an electronic version of the origination agreement via text.
Financial wellness is a right.
Stay on top of your business’s vitals. Monitor cash flow movements and keep your enterprise in top shape.
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